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Repair Services

Authorized Epson Repair CDE is an authorized Epson repair center. Our Epson trained technicians can refurbish most all Epson models from the smaller POS printers up to the large TM-U950 units.

Authorized Datamax Repair CDE is fully authorized to handle all repairs on Datamax printers. Learn More >

Customer Testimonials

Here's what some of our customers are saying about CDE:

"It’s obvious that they care. They encounter unavoidable obstacles and exhibit ‘stick-to-it-tiveness’ until they resolve the issue. What they don’t do is simply provide lip service, and leave voicemails or e-mails that ‘we tried.’ They actually get it done and stick to it until they resolve it. They’ve demonstrated this repeatedly. "

Larry Malinish, Merchant Services USA

"CDE provides anything and everything that they think the customer needs. And they remember what their customer needs. If an item that I request is not in stock, they will call back to see if I still need it."

Tamara Sinclair, Newtek Business Services

"When it comes to refurbing or to reconditioning, if you do a lot of it, you’re going to have things break and need repairs. If you use CDE, you’re going to have a smaller percentage of equipment that you need to send back to them for repairs."

Jason Wisniewski, Electronic Merchant

"Go see the facility. Go see the operation in motion. I’ve been in logistics for 16 years and they are on the ball."

Jeff Pace, Incomm

What is CDE Services?

CDE Services, Inc. maintains your company’s mission critical equipment and extends the lifecycle of your investment. Remanufactured means your equipment doesn’t just come back in better operating condition. It also looks like new equipment and can be offered at a significant savings relative to new equipment from the manufacturer.

We service and support an array of POS systems and business hardware for a variety of industries.

Call today about CDE’s comprehensive offerings, including supplies, inventory management, deployment and retrieval, outsourcing and co-sourcing, remanufacturing and repairs.

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                                                                   CDE is a proud member of the SIA