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What is CDE Services?

CDE Services, Inc. maintains your company’s mission critical equipment and extends the lifecycle of your investment. Remanufactured means your equipment doesn’t just come back in better operating condition. It also looks like new equipment and can be offered at a significant savings relative to new equipment from the manufacturer.

We service and support an array of POS systems and business hardware for a variety of industries.

Call today about CDE’s comprehensive offerings, including supplies, inventory management, deployment and retrieval, outsourcing and co-sourcing, remanufacturing and repairs.

Featured Products and Services


aqua_keypadCDE does more than just repair equipment; we completely remanufacture it, inside and out. Remanufacturing provides the utmost in reliable equipment to merchants – reducing long-term merchant support costs while providing merchants with terminals that both look and function as new. When a piece of merchant equipment fails in the field, the largest cost faced is the cost to replace it with a new unit.
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Diagnostic Power Pack

power_packThe diagnostic power pack is available on several different pieces of equipment. This unique accessory simplifies troubleshooting in the event of a failure. Using a sequence of LED lights, the merchant can easily determine if the failure is in the unit, in the power pack, or even at the source. The result is cost savings in help desk time as well as shipping expenses. Download PDF