Outsourcing & Co-Sourcing

Eliminate overhead and expenses associated with in-house repairs and inventory management. Outsource some or all of those functions to CDE Services. CDE has the infrastructure, parts, technology and trained personnel to efficiently handle equipment management, including:

Disaster Recovery

In the event the unthinkable happens – a natural disaster or fire renders your facility or warehouse inoperable – CDE Services is well-equipped to provide you with hot site recovery services. In an emergency situation, we will keep your business moving by managing inventory, overseeing equipment deployment and retrieval, and taking on any other functions so there is no loss of service to your customers.

Help Desk and Technical Support

As a value-add to our customers, CDE Services provides dedicated customer service representatives and knowledgeable help desk support. We’ve even had our skilled technicians go on-site with customers to train their help desk and technical support staff about hardware issues. CDE can also act as a third party vendor to monitor your help desk for quality control and provide unbiased reporting.


CDE Services maintains an extensive database of information about POS equipment performance and durability. We’re able to go back to 1990 and profile every piece of equipment that has come through CDE’s facility, tracking the equipment by serial number. No one else in the industry has that kind of data. This information allows CDE customers to track their warranty failures or predict when certain machines will break or need service.