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Repair Services

Authorized Epson Repair CDE is an authorized Epson repair center. Our Epson trained technicians can refurbish most all Epson models from the smaller POS printers up to the large TM-U950 units.

Authorized Datamax Repair CDE is fully authorized to handle all repairs on Datamax printers. Learn More >

Equipment Remanufacturing & Repairs

CDE Services does more than just repair equipment. We completely remanufacture it, inside and out. What does that mean? When equipment arrives at CDE, each unit is completely disassembled and every measurable component is tested. Any failed or wearable parts identified during the diagnostic phase are replaced with new pieces. We believe this is why CDE Services has one of the lowest warranty return rates in the industry.

Turning our attention to the outside of the machine, CDE replaces old plastics with brand new casings on almost every unit. If new casings are not available, CDE cleans, sands, resurfaces and repaints each part to give it the appearance of a new machine just off the production line.

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Make sure your POS equipment meets the latest industry standards for maintaining customer privacy and data security, without purchasing all new equipment. CDE Services is a TG-3 audited encryption service organization (ESO).

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) established the Triple Data Encryption Standard, often referred to as Triple DES or TDES. TDES is an algorithm used to encrypt personal identification numbers (PINs) when they are entered at ATM machines or at retail stores to make purchases. All merchants that use PEDs (PIN encryptable devices, or machines with PIN pads), are required to comply with the TDES standard by July 1, 2010. In order to become compliant, ISOs and merchants either have to inventory and replace all of their existing machines with new POS equipment, or they can replace the PIN pads on their current credit card machines with newly-encrypted PIN pads from a TG-3 audited encryption service organization (ESO) like CDE. Independent auditor Pointe Consulting Group certified that CDE’s encryption area met all TG-3 standards.