CDE works with the industry’s top manufacturers to provide a range of payment processing terminals, parts, and accessories that you can rely on to keep businesses running smoothly.  We understand the industry’s constant evolution of technology and the demands of consumer habits.  If there is a device you need, we can make sure you have access to it.

With CDE, keeping merchants supplied with reliable POS devices is easy.  Gone are the days when you had to worry about housing hundreds or even thousands of POS terminals and all their parts or accessories.  CDE’s priority is keeping your devices safe and secure and making sure you have complete control and visibility.  We even use an environmentally sound process for recycling obsolete equipment, complete with certificates of destruction.

Easy procurement

We’ll handle all of the work involved in getting you the industry’s latest terminals, even if we don’t currently have it in stock.  With CDE, providing the best POS technology to your customers is simple.

Personalized expert service

When we uncover that hard-to-find item, we’ll contact you before you pick up the phone to remind us. Many companies give lip service to customer service, but CDE’s commitment to quality and proactive approach are the fundamental reason our customers have been doing business with us for the past twenty years.

Online visibility

Our user-friendly system for monitoring your inventory allows you to be sure that you’re equipment stock is always at the maximum level.  You’ll no longer be responsible for making sure all your equipment is where it should be, we’ll let you know.

Guaranteed security

You’ll never have to worry about where to store your POS terminals, spares, or all the accessories and parts.  With CDE, you can be sure that your entire inventory is properly stored in our secured facility.  Our encrypted devices are stored in locked cages, only accessible by CDE’s authorized employees.