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Repair Services

Authorized Epson Repair CDE is an authorized Epson repair center. Our Epson trained technicians can refurbish most all Epson models from the smaller POS printers up to the large TM-U950 units.

Authorized Datamax Repair CDE is fully authorized to handle all repairs on Datamax printers. Learn More >

Product Improvements

CDE has invested in improvements that simplify set-up and operation and also safeguard and extend the life cycle of any machine. We’ve worked with credit card machines and office equipment from original manufacturers like Verifone, Hypercom, Epson, Lipman, Magtek, Ingenico, Thales and others.

Modifications include:

Color Coding Color Coding
CDE’s patented system of color coding labels around the ports makes connecting equipment as simple as “plug and play.” This reduces the amount of time spent installing the equipment and erases the need to call the help desk with basic installation questions.

Flame Retardant Flame Retardant Plastics
CDE plastics are UL-V0 rated, which means they will not burn, even when direct flame is applied for an extended period of time.

Spill Resistant Spill Resistant Keypads
The CDE Spillguard® keypad keeps fluids, dust and other contaminants from ruining delicate circuitry. It also has a reinforced ENTER key to make the keypad more durable.